Wool. When I began working with wool a decade ago, the years of studying botanicals, art history and my graphic design discipline fused together into my wool textile art. Organizing elements and color is a natural extension of my personality. It seems I am wired to do the work I do. 

My feltings might not be classified as sculpture but dimension is realized through blending, cutting and layering infinite varieties of color with wool. I organize patterns to achieve depth through my unique wet felting process. The wool also has an unexpected warmth that is immediately experienced even when the piece is framed.

Each original piece I create is made with naturally dyed merino wool. The work ranges in size from 16x16 to 65x65. Though I have select retailers across the country, much of my output is private commissions for individual clients to whom I sell directly. I also have worked extensively with interior designers and art consultants.

The pages on my site and my posts on Instagram evoke my interest in exotic textiles and the optimism of pop art. I am also influenced by salty summers and the mountains around me in Colorado. I live for my family and this work feeds my soul.