DECEMBER POMPON HAT SALE! All pieces finished in 20x20 pre-manufactured frame. Guaranteed Christmas delivery if purchased by Dec 15. Please email for pricing. Link at bottom of page. xo


Blue Striped Pompon Hat, 20x20 framed

This ongoing series is inspired by The Mountain Lid hats that were handmade in Aspen, CO forever ago (viva la 70s). I keep returning to the itchy memories of wool hats adhered to my forehead by foggy goggles.

Please email for pricing. Discount offered for multiples. More images of new work from this series available upon request.

My Pompon Hat.jpg


My Aspen Hat, 20x20 framed

A replica of my own. 

Rainbow Hat.jpg


Rainbow Hat, 20x20 framed




Kelly Hat.jpg


Kelly Hat, 20x20 framed

Plum Pompon.jpg


Plum Pompon Hat, 20x20 framed

Primary Pompon Hat.jpg


Primary Hat, 20x20 framed